Dorset Council Local Plan consultation January – March 2021

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This is the comments search page for the Dorset Council Local Plan consultation. You can search for comments in two ways, or by using a combination of both:
  • By Policy - simply select which policy you are interested in from the drop-down list, click search, and you'll see all the comments received relating to that policy.
  • By name - simply type in the name of the person, agent, or organisation whose comments you'd like to see, then click search.
Please note: if you are searching for comments relating to a policy, the search results will include all submissions relating to your selected policy, including where comments made on a different policy are considered relevant.


Dorset Council is required to publish representations made on the Dorset Council Local Plan. A redaction process has been undertaken whereby potentially offensive comments have been removed from within the published responses. Though all efforts have been made to ensure this has been carried out comprehensively, it is possible that some comments remain publicly viewable that may be offensive to some people. Such comments are not the views of Dorset Council, and the Council does not condone the use of potentially offensive language and/or remarks. If you come across any comments which you or others may find offensive, please email and we will consider redacting or removing them from public view.

We are currently in the process of reading every response received through the consultation and considering what changes we may need to make to the plan. Read about the Dorset Council Local Plan and view the map of our proposals to see the proposals on which we consulted.